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Here is a list of family histories and stories that have been donated to us over the years:


"Arion" Beef River Wisconsin Gesangverein (Singing Society); by Melvin E. Gleiter, (1993)

"Memories"; by Edward Servais

Amborg Grov; names: Grov

Ammann, George Family Group Sheet; by Ellis, David B., (February 1995), names: Ammann, Pipper, Ziebell, Hepp

Ancestors of James Roger Alf; by Alf, James Roger, (October, 2000), names: Alf, Hessler, Crooker, Two additional written accounts of Rosannah Hessler's life and the Crooker family.

Ancestral History of David Alan Engler Born in Winona, Minnesota, The; by David Alan Engler, (1985), names: Engler

Ancestry of With Descent from; names: Robinson, George

Ancient Family, An; by Merlyn (Merf) & Marlene (Molly) Klebig, names: Putz

Andrew Baertsch Writes About the Early Days (newspaper article); by Baertsch, Andrew, (August 1939), names: Baertsch, Mr. Baertsch's recollections of local history of Fountain City in his time

Arenz Family Tree; by Bina, Bob and Hundt, Marcie, (1994), names: Arenz, Traces family history from1788-1994

Arms family Genealogy; names: Arms, Also included in file is a letter written by Christian Arms translated from German titled, "I Will Never Advise People to Come to America". (one with commentary from the translator and a second copy of just the translated letter.

August Friedrich Giese Family, The; by Ronald L. Giese, (May 2001), names: Alleman, Brinkman, Jacobi, Jost, Pank, Stroebel, Giese


Babcock, Benjamin F.

Bachhuber, Dr. (newspaper articles); by Benicke, Vi, (1969, 1977,1981), names: Bachhuber, Titles of articles - "Alma Doctor to Head Heart Campaign",  Alma Physician Recalls Medical Growth Over Four Decades",  "Dr. M. O. Bachhuber Honored by AAFP".

Baecker, Phillip and Lynch, Bridget Touey descendants of; (June 1976), names: Baecker, Lynch,  Boland,, Also includes newspaper article on Beacker 50th wedding anniversary

Bauer, Frederick John Ancestors and Descendants; by Griffin, Fern Bauer, (December 1985), names: Bauer, Frederick,  Otis, Jesse A., Gaebele, Jesse A.

Benjamin, Nancy Lou also-Misha Mokwa History; names: Benjamin

Beck, Olive

Besecker   Beisecker  Beesecker Family; by Wilken, Dale, (1994), names: Besecker, Beisecker, Beesecker, Also included in file are copied newspaper clippings of the Biesecker family

Biography of Vincent J. Conrad Colenel, United States Army, Ret.; by Vincent Conrad, (April 1964), names: Conrad

Blanche Schneider "The Town Historian"; names: Schneider

Bohri, Mrs. Frederick Sr.; names: Bohri

Boland, Andrew; names: Boland

Book Tells Exploits of Area Attorney; by Ruth Rogers, (March 1966), names: Cowie, Robert S.

Bork, Angie; by Lucy Choate Eckberg, (Sun., Nov. 15, 1981), names: Bork

Brees Family Gathering; by Dale F. and Clara Ann Brees Phillips, names: Brees

Broadfoot, Alexander and Cecilia Tillotson; names: Broadfoot, Tillotson

Broadfoot, Grover L.; (February 1962), names: Broadfoot

Brovold, Archie; by C.B. Bylander, (1986), names: Brovold

Buehler, Theodore; names: Buehler

Buffalo County Saga, A; by "Smokey Jim" Stokes

Burkhardt Family, The; names: Burkharddt

Burns, Ole and Burns, Bernard (Byron); (1998), names: Burns

Burt-Short-Busch-Runkel-Benston-Foster-Muir-Herbert-Jackson Buffalo and Trempealeau County Pioneers; by Millicent Zindel Hild, (March 1982), names: Burt, Short, Busch, Runkel, Benston, Foster, Muir, Herbert, Jackson


Canar Cousins; by Brother Bede Stadler, C.S.C., (February 9, 2000), names: Canar

Captain Jacob Odell and Mary Millington of Manchester, Vermont, and Descendants; by Rachel Scherf Levine, (2003), names: Odell, Millington

Certificate of Service- Chauncey H. Cook; names: Cooke

Christ, Conrad also (Alleman, Von Wald, Holcombe); by Millicent A. Hild, names: Christ, Alleman, Von Wald, Holcombe

Church, Wm. Hamilton: Biog.; by Margaret Lee Serum, (1967), names: Church

Clark and Naun; by Suzanne Weber, names: Clark, Naun

Comero, Emma; (June 9, 1983), names: Comero

Conrad; by Evelyn Kammueller Haeuser and Ruth A. Kammueller Stettler, names: Conrad


Dahm/Breyer/Nicklay; (1998), names: Dahm, Breyer, Nicklay

Darius Robinson Family From Delaware County New York To Ogle Country Illinois, The; by Shirley Robinson Birling, (April 1999), names: Robinson

DeGroff, John S.

Descendancy Chart; names: Giese-Esbach-Krueger Branch

Descendancy Chart Herrmann; names: Herrmann

Descendants of Andrew M. Skrief; by John N. Skrief, names: Skrief

Descendants of Anton Brenner: The First Four Generations In America, The; by Floyd and Brian Brenner, (1987), names: Brenner

Descendants of Elijah Frizell; by Ann Kaiser Nussbaum, (June 28, 2000), names: Frizzell

Descendants of Henry Anton Ahrendt; by Eggemeyer, Lurita, (June, 1997), names: Ahrendt

Descendants of Johannes Wilhelm Rotering; by Kathleen Barnard, names: Rotering

Descendants of John Paul Kaiser; by Ann Kaiser Nussbaum, names: Kaiser

Descendants of John William Haigh, Sr.; by Kathleen Barnard, names: Haigh

Descendants of Wilhelm Heinrich Liebenberg; by Donald H. Liebenberg, names: Liebenberg

Descendants of Wilhelm Henry Fricke; by Lurita Eggemeyer, (June 15, 1997), names: Fricke

Descendants of Zattu Thomas; by Ann Kaiser Nussbaum, names: Thomas, Zattu

Descendents of Phillip W. Weisenberger; by Erwin Phillip Siegler, names: Weisenberger

Diary of Melchoir Staehli; names: Staehli

Did You Have Ancestors On The Mayflower?; names:

Dierauer; by Cyrena Dierauer, (June 1988), names: Dierauer

Documents A Badger Boy In Blue: The Letters of Chauncey H. Cooke; (1921), names: Cooke

Doelle, Buffalo County Wisconsin The Doelle Farm Home and Post Office; by Phyllis Lettner, names: Doelle

Doenier; names: Doenier

Double Cousins By the Dozens; by Roger M. Goetz, (1982), names: Heck-Heike, Horn, Kuehn, Lauterbach, Linse, Otto, Pfund, Richter, Rick, Schultz, and Steinke primarily of Buffalo and LaCrosse Counties

Duellman, Elmer; names: Duellman


Earney, Gerhard - Names Erny, Erne, Erni, Erney

Easter Bunny Visits our House …..or Does He?, The; by Stettler, Kathleen A., (1998), names: Stettler, 1st place short story enrtry in UW Madison Yarns of Yesteryear contest.  Author is from Fountain City.

Edward Alleman's  Disappearance Still a Mystery; by Stewart, Don, (February, 1981), names: Alleman, Sing, Regeth

Edward and Louisa Ede; by Velma Ede Gifford, names: Ede

Emil F. Hess Of Nelson Township, Buffalo County; names: Hess

Engel; by Anna Stettler Accola and Ruth Kammueller Stettler, names: Engel

Events of My Life. Born February 14, 1913 To ?; by Hilbert George Michael Kochenderfer, names: Kochenderfer

Excerpts from Trempealeau and Buffalo County Papers in doing Family History and Helping Others; by Millicent A. Hild, (January 1997), names: Faulds,Luetscher,  Buehler, Ristow, Saxer,  Muhleisen………, Genealogy in Buffalo and Trempealeau counties of the authors own families.


Family History of Micahel and Dorothea Thoeny and their descendants 1806-, The; (September 21, 1985), names: Thoeny

Family of Anton and Anna (Remmel) Schank; names: Schank

Family of Frank and Maria Brunner, The; by Mary Ann Pattison, (April 1981), names: Brunner

Family Tree of Frederick Abraham and Christine Dorn; by Marg, Ruth, (1983), names: Abram (Abraham) , Dorn, Marg

Family Tree of the Kublis Line of the Family Taverna; by Professor F. Sprecher, Kublis, names: Kublis

Family Tree William Paulina Kurtzweg; names: Kurtzweg

Farm Wife Heads County Board; by Betty Russell Bertrang, names: Ruth Strand

Fiedler, Allen; names: Fiedler

Flying the Alaska Highway; by Farner, Al, (2001), names: Farmers

Former Alma area man notes 100th birthday; by Michael Smith, (April 6, 1983), names: Joseph Mattausch

Forsberg Story, The; (September 28, 1975), names: Forsberg

Fried, Melvin

Frontiersman in Northwestern Wisconsin, A; by Warren W. Cooke, (1940), names: Cooke


Ganz; names: Ganz

Ganz, Edwin F.; names: Ganz

Ganz, Johann Kasper; names: Ganz

Genealogy of Ludwig Pank Family; by Grace Von Wald Grob, (June 1982), names: Pank

Geneology of the Merrick-Mirick-Myrick Family of Massachusetts; by George Byron Merrick, (1902), names: Merrick, Mirick, Myrick

George H. Hess Of Montana Township, Buffalo County; names: Hess

Gerald Suhr-Elton Suhr; names: Suhr

Gesell, Dr. Arnold L.; names: Gesell

Gesell, Gerhard; names: Gesell

Gessell, Charles A.; names: Gessell

Giese, Ludwig; names: Giese

Gilman Family History; names: Gilman

Gilman, Wynn A Collection of Poems; by Wynn Gilman, names: Gilman

Glad to stay in Waumandee; by Gary Johnson, (January 27, 1985), names: Warren Korte

Gleiter, Mel (Picture); names: Gleiter

Gleiters in America, The; by Melvin E. Gleiter, Marjorie Gleiter Van Alstine, Joseph T. Gleiter, Diane Gleiter Edwards, etc., (August, 1996), names: Gleiter

Grass Family, The; by John E. Anderson, (January 1, 1972), names: Grass

Grob Genealogy; by Grace (Von Wald) Grob, (June 1982), names: Grob

Guenther; by Mrs. Herald Severson and Mrs. Albert Berg, (1973), names: Guenther


Hager City Farm May Lay Claim as Pierce's Oldest; by Lawin, Tom, (August 17, 1983), names: Adams, Newspaper article

Hakes, Lida; by Mrs. Virginia Everson, (October 30, 1975), names: Hakes

Hannon; names: Hannon

Hans Fried's Descendants; by Viola Fried Michael, (October 15, 1982), names: Fried

Haag, Balzar

Herold, Henry; names: Harold

Hartman, Roger Shooting and Trial; names: Hartman

He enjoyed visits to grandparents' historic home; by Edwin Schaffner, (Wed., Feb. 21, 2001), names: Schaffner

Heerman, Timothy; names: Heerman

Henry and Lena Giesecker Moy Family, The; by Richard Henry Moy and Caryl Cowsley Moy, (1996), names: Henry and Lena Giesecker

Herman Rusch: A Buffalo County Artist; (Summer 1982), names: Rusch

Herold History Jacob Herold's Descendants; by Kay Michaels Barnard, Elaine Schmidt Zeller, and Jane Herold Noll, (July 1995), names: Herold

Hilgert Buffalo County WI Family Papers; by Judy Schlawin, (November 1999), names: Hilgert

Hill With The Rock On Top, The; by verna Mace Zander, (March 11, 1996), names: John and Ada Mace

Hillgart, Ellie (Picture); names: Hillgart

Hillig-Reuter; names: Hillig-Reuter

His - Hers- Ours  The Families of Herman Bade, Marie Hilgert, Frederick Arndt, Bertha Boettcher, Her; by Keller, Emmett and Anne, (June 1991), names: Bade, Hilgert,Arndt, Boettcher

Historical Articles on Pioneer Life in Buffalo County; by E.F. Ganz, names: Ganz

Historical Letter; by L.F. Knowles, names: Finkelnburg

History & Directory of the Christian Theony, Sr. Family; by Clifford Accola, (October 1972), names: Thoeny

History and Directory of the Paul Accola Sr. Family; by Accola, Clifford, (October 1972), names: Accola, There are five copies of this item.

History of the Nelson Family Nicholas Nelson & Mary Hansemann; John & Carrie Nelson; by John F. Nelson, names: Nelson

Hitt, Wally; by Jeff Rivers, (Mon., April 19, 1982), names: Hitt

Hogan; names: Hogan

Hohaus, Theodore; names: Hohaus

Homesteaders Author shares incredible pioneering tale; by Cindy Gibson, (Thurs., July 25, 1991), names: Kirkpatrick

Horstman, Adolf

Hoyt (Includes, Colby, Adams, Hamilton, and Peeso); names: Hoyt, Colby, Adams, Hamilton, Peeso

Hunter's; names: Hunter

Hurlburt Family; by Hurlburt, John Sr., names: Hurlburt

Hurlburt Family New York to Buffalo County Wisconsin; by Nancy Benjamin Komro Carothers, (2002), names: An Account of the Lives and Geneologies of Horace and Hannah Miller Hurlburt


I Remember This; by Gena, names: Hansenmann, Short two page story of authors memories of growing up in the Modena area.

In Pursuit of the Knuts A Bjorgo-Jordet Family History; by Eileen Pfund Amundson, (1978), names: Bjorgo-Jordet

International Motor Trucks; by George Engel

Ira Samuel STOREY; by C.J. Storey, names: Storey


Jahn; by Tomas K. Jahn, names: Jahn

Jim Everson: Portrait of a Wisconsin game warden; by C.B. Bylander, (Sun., Sept. 27, 1981), names: Everson

Johannes STEINER Family in Wisconsin (1846-1996); by Mary Anne Falk, (August 1996), names: Steiner

John and Elsie Loesel "Our Family"; by John and Elsie Loesel, (May 14, 2000), names: Loesel

John and Theresa Michaels Farms; names: John and Theresa Michaels

John Hartman Honored June 6; (1979), names: Hartman

John Molland Family, The; names: John Molland Family

John Wood, a study in futility; names: Wood


Kammueller; by Evelyn Kammueller Haeuser and Ruth A. Kammueller Stettler, names: Kammueller

Keese, Theone (tribute); by Millie Benjamin, names: Keese

Keller, Henry, and Elizabeth (Bringolf); by Myron Ziegler, names: Keller, Henry, and Elizabeth

Kennebeck Family Tree and History of Immigration; names: Kennebeck

Kindschy; names: Kindschy

Knud and Astri Brenn: Ancestors Descendants and Siblings; by Sharon Ernst, (1992), names: Brenn

Kochenderfer House "Oldest Building in County Nominee"; names: Kochenderfer

Koeing, PVT. Edward J.; names: Koeing

Korb Family (George, William, and Irvin); names: Korb

Krause (Gottlob); names: Krause


Larson Legacy- Andrew Larson, Jens and Gunhild Larson, The; by Lee Grippen, (June 18, 1978), names: Larson

Lawrence Kessinger Buffalo County's Historian His Work and Character Briefly Reviewed; by E.F. Ganz, names: Kessinger

Lawrence M. Goss Family History; names: Goss

Leonard and Katherine Hardt Blank Descendants; by Alethea Blank Keller, (2002), names: Blank

Leonhardt, Michael - names Lenhart, Lenhardt

Linse-Schlegel/Schlagel from Germany With Love To…Ontario, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Washington; by Bette Schlagel Rogers and Jan L. Reogers Jorgenson, (June 1984), names: Linse-Schlegel/Schlagel

Loesel, LeAnne; by LeAnne Loesel, names: Loesel

Long History on Canada Ridge, A (newspaper article); by Eagle Review (Nelson Newspaper), (April 1978), names: Balzer, Ferd and Otto, 90+ year old Balzer brothers recall growing up and farming on Fountain City's Canada Ridge

Louis Schuth: A man and his music; by C.J. Miller, names: Schuth


Margaret Thoeny Meng Family; names: Thoeny Meng

Marvin Pierce; names: Pierce

Mathis Family Christian & Barbara; by Myron Ziegler, names: Christian and Barbara Mathis

McCabe; by Lilah Thesing, (May 7, 1997), names: James and Joann Ziegeweid

McWeeny/ Roehm; by Joann Ziegeweid, names: James and Joann Ziegeweid

Memories from Valders Norway; by Adolph Daniel Brommer, (May 25, 1926), names: Brommer

Michael O'Laughlin; by Jean Whalen, names: O'Laughlin

Milan, Martin & Bridget (nee Hogan); by Ron and Lynn Roden, names: Milan, Martin, and Bridget (nee Hogan)

Mimetz/ Hansel; by Joann Ziegeweid

Minnie Potts (Stoll); names: Potts (Stoll)

Mirror of America The Gumbert Lineage; by Nancy Gumbert, names: Gumbert

Moelenpah (photos); by Donn and Joy Moelenpah, names: Moelenpah

Monroe, Juneau and Joackson Counties Wisconsin Surname Query Index; by Carolyn Habelman, (1980), names: Monroe

Muck, Jeremiah M.; names: Muck, Jeremiah M.

Mueller; by Grace Von Wald Grob, (April 1981), names: Mueller

Mueller, John Frederich Wilhelm; names: Mueller

Myren History; names: Myren


Naples Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation; by Donald D. Desmond, (December 5, 2002), names: Donald D. Desmond

Nelson, Wayne Arnold; names: Nelson, Wayne Arnold

Noble Women, Restless Men The Rippley Family in Wisconsin, North Dakota, Minnesota and Montana; by LaVerne J. Rippley, (1996), names: Rippley (Rieple, Ripley, Ripli, Rippli)

Noll Family, The; names: Peter Noll


Obtaining Land in New Mexico, 1900; by Conrad, John (Letter), names: Conrad

Old Timer preserved Mondovi's history through popular column, The; by Cindy Gibson, names: Dr. Roy Lee

Olson, Martha; (Thurs., June 18, 1936), names: Olson

Oral History Interview with Lois Linse Gleiter; by Dale E. Treleven, (1974), names: Gleiter

Oral History Interview with Rangnar and Margaret Segerstrom; by Dale E. Treleven, (September 29, 30, 1976), names: Segerstrom

Otto Albert Witte Congratulations on your 100th Birthday; names: Witte

Otto Rabbas, 82-Year Old Pioneer Printer Reminisces; (April 25, 1940), names: Rabbas

Our Huber Heritage The Genealogy and History of the KASPER HUBER Family; by Marjorie Day Huber, (May 1987), names: Huber

Owen, Lewis; names: Owen


Pape Valley Farm, The; by Ann Pape, (May 19, 1999), names: Pape

Passow Genealogy; by Merlin Passow, names: Passow

Pattison; names: Pattison, Worrell

Paul Accola Sr. Family Changes from May-October 1979; by Accola, Clifford, (1979), names: Accola, Additional notes to original edition

Peter Benjamin and Gabriel Johnson Families from Buffalo County, Wisconsin, The; by Komro, Nancy Benjamin, (1984), names: Benjamin, Johnson

Phillips Family Gathering; names: Phillips

Phonological Survey on Vowel Sounds of Waumandee English, A; by David N. Ehrat, (November 2000)

Pioneer Life in Norwegian Valley; by Jan Quarberg, (1956-57), names: Ole and Anna Hanson Lerum

Plath, Johann H.

Pronschinske, Albert; names: Pronschinske


Recollections of the Early Settlement of the Township of Utica, Winona CO., Minn; by Dr. J.W. Bentley, names: Bentley

Reed remembered for love of swamp; by The Associated Press and Leader-Telegram staff, (November 2002), names: Reed, Jay

Reflections; (December, 1981), names: Oscar Austin, Oscar Austin of Harmony  talks about  receiving rattlesnake skins and gingseng from some Alma hunters.

Reith, Robert and Christina; names: Reith

Reminiscences of Mr. Samuel Bond, The; (1924), names: Bond

Research Name/Names: Benston/Faulds; names: Benston, Faulds

Research Name/Names: Koenig; names: Koenig

Respected Honest Abe The Schank Family History, The; by Prosper Schank, (April 13, 1976), names: Schank

Retiree makes jewelry hobby and business; by Steve Schild, (June 11, 1981), names: Leonard Lettner

Rieck; names: Rieck

Ristow, John

Rockwell, Houser; names: Rockwell

Roellich, Gustav Ferdinand; names: Roellich

Roellich, Wenzel; names: Roellich

Roettiger, Henry; names: Roettiger

Roscoe Wald; by Roscoe Wald, (January 18, 1989), names: Wald

Roselle M. Urness Buffalo County Clerk of Court; by Lawrence Joos, names: Joos

Rossow Family; names: Rossow

Rowe, Henry B.; names: Rowe


Samuel Iberg and Family; names: Iberg and Kraft

Sanfilippo, Steven; by Geri Parlin, names: Sanfilippo

Schaffner, Henry; names: Schaffner

Schaffner, Samuel; names: Schaffner

Scharlau; names: Scharlau

Schlosstein, Gary; names: Schlosstein

Search for wild honey tree is eventful; by Adolph Maassen, (Wed., Oct. 6, 1982), names: Adolph and Verna Maassen

Seders An American Family and its German Roots, The; by Arthur R. Seder, Jr., (2000), names: Seder

Semple new Daily News publisher; (Tues., July 29, 1980), names: Semple

Sendelbach and Zinsli Families, The; by Tony Sendelbach, (March 9, 1992), names: Sendelbach, Zinsli

Senty; names: Senty

Services For Louis Schuth, Former Editor; (July 15, 1982), names: Schuth

Shaffer; names: Shaffer

She helps cast out bewilderment; by Karen Owen, (February 22, 1981), names: Donna Krebsbach

Sister LaVonne Abts Observes 50 Years; by C-FC Recorder, (July 13, 1989), names: Sister LaVonne Abts, Newspaper article noting the 50th anniversary of Sister LaVonne as a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration.

Snoyenbos, Cassius/ Dopkins, Mona Louise; names: Snoyenbos, Dopkins

Some Incidents In The Life Of Emma Weeks; by Hazel Amidon, names: Weeks

Southworth, Ryland and Lelia; names: Southworth

St. Jacques Family Of Wabasha County, The; names:

Steiner, David; names: Steiner

Stettler; by Anna Stettler Accola and Ruth Kammueller Stettler, names: Stettler

Stettler, John; names: Stettler

Stohr, Mat; names: Stohr

Story of Andrew Lindstrom, The; by Deric Lindstrom, names: Lindstrom

Stuber, Ursus Joseph; names: Stuber

Street, Thomas

Suhr, Albert; names: Suhr

Suhr, Carl; names: Suhr

Suhr, Frederick; names: Suhr

Swiss Connection, The; by Dona Baab Thorpe, (1993)

Swiss Family Ebersold (Abersold or Aebersold), The; by Dale E. Ebersold, (July 1, 1998), names: Ebersold


This Is Your Life Bennie Rudy; by Bennie Rudy, (1978), names: Rudy

Tiffany; names: Tiffany

To celebrate 90th birthday; (April 9, 1981), names: Sweeney, Bryan

Town of Waumandee, Buffalo County, Wisconsin; names: Ochsner, John

Travels Around My Father and Beyond; by Ann Whelan Arnold, (1974), names: Whelan, John W

Tribute To My Aunt Louise, A; by John E. Harry, (January 18, 1987), names: Radke, Louise

Turton Family Tree; by Lee R. Wieland, names: Turton

Two Sisters Live the Pastoral Life; names: Risch, Anna and Ursula


Ulrich, Conrad

Unusual Ancestor Ole Myren: A very talented Craftsman; by Orlando Tweet and Delbert Myren, (May 2001), names: Myren

Unzelmann/ Bartels; names: Unzelmann/ Bartels

Urness, John and mary; names: Urness


Vernier (or Warnier); names: Vernier (or Warnier)

Veteran's Children Discover Military Treasures; by Joan Sanstadt, (November 7, 2002), names: Orlow Notstad

Von Wald; by Grace Von Wald Grob, (1979), names: Von Wald


Ward Oracle, The; by Candace Jones and Karen Tarrant, (July 19, 1997), names: Ward

Waumandee, Wisconsin 1860-1960: An Affectionate Portrait; by LaVern J. Rippley, (July 25, 2003)

Wayne Owen Series, The; by Wayne Owen, (October 1997), names: Owen, Kezar, Metcalf, Harmon, Lieffring, Carlisle, and Bien, This is a seven book series

When I Was Born I Had Six Grandmas A Family History; by Frances C. Heike, (1975), names: Heike

When You're 101, Time's Your Own; by Knudtson,  Kathy, (April 1981), names: Alleman, Elsbeth

Wisconsin Magazine of History, The; (September 1940), names: Oschner, Henry

Wisconsin Then and Now; by Gesell, Dr. Robert, (September 1979), names: Gesell

Wisconsin Then and Now; by Gesell, Mrs. Christine, (October 1979), names: Gesell

Wright; names: Wright


Yarrington Family History; names: Yarrington


Ziegeweid Family History; (August 1985), names: Ziegweid

Ziegler Family; by Jacob Ziegler, names: Ziegler