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We are in the process of making all of our obituaries available online.  The program that we are going to be using is already up and running, and it allows anyone to submit an obituary to us, but as there are many steps involved in getting our approximately 5,000 obituaries online, we will be updating you here as different steps are completed.  The first step is to index the obituaries in our office, and you can see the link above to go to that index.


If you have a picture of the person or scan of the obituary, you can submit it yourself through our new system.  You can also search from the main page of that same system.  Our goal is to have a scan or picture for each obituary along with the FULL text from the obituary if at all possible.  If you do not have a picture or scan of the obituary, please email the text of the obituary to Kelly Herold


For one to submit an obituary to the website, you need to register.  This just gives us a name and email address to use in case there are any questions about the submission.  Once you are registered and login to the site, you should first go to the category (obituaries are categorized by the first letter of the last name) that your obituary would be in and check to be sure it is not already there.  Then, you can click the button to submit the obituary in the upper right hand corner.  Please title your submission with the last name first (e.g. Kennedy, John F.) and if you can put the text of the obituary into the description area.  Pictures must be les than 100KB, and we suggest you scan them at 75-150 dpi.  Once you have submitted your obituary, we will be notified, and we will have to approve the submission before it is viewable.  Because of the many ongoing projects at the society, it may take a few days to get your submission approved, but please be patient with us!  We are hoping to make this a very wonderful tool for all of our researchers!


Click HERE to search or submit obituaries!


Click HERE to email an obituary to our office!